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Study Abroad Office

The mission of the Study Abroad Office at The University of Texas at El Paso is to provide quality international educational opportunities, which will contribute to the college and career success of UTEP students and enhance UTEP’s global presence. 

As a result of studying abroad or away, a students will:
  • Possess an understanding of similarities and differences across many dimensions including gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, religious belief, ability,generation, nationality, family status and more.
  • Appreciate personal and cultural differences and seeing their value, particularly in a collaborative setting.
  • Expand their cultural awareness and understanding their connection to the global community.
  • Demonstrate greater autonomy, evaluate problem solving-strategies and demonstrate independent decision-making
  • Enhance their resume and increase job opportunities

The Office of Study Abroad provides UTEP students with the opportunity to enhance their educational experience and gain global experience by participating in any number of international study programs.  

Study Abroad/Study Away experiences prepare UTEP students for the challenges and complexity of a 21st century world. These academic and cultural experiences are credit-based and include a culminating experience in which students obtain increased understanding of their academic disciplines, language proficiencies, field research techniques, service learning or career-related knowledge.